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La Jolla ocean quality

Keeping our oceans clean:

Water resources
Water standards
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These are my two boys
 and the reason I'm so
 passionate about water quality ...

Community Involvement:

Check out the City of San Diego's website for Environmental Services and information about collecting hazardous waste:


or call Environmental Services at (858) 694-7000.

The Average citizen CAN make a difference.

Write, fax, call, and e-mail your Congressional Representative, Senator and the President regularly and let them know that you support stronger environmental laws.

 Organizations such as San Diego Oceans Foundation, San Diego Baykeeper, and CALPIRG (California Public Interest Research Group) sponsor beach clean-ups which encourages a more intense involvement in contribution, dedication, as well as recruitment of uninformed parties.



Runoff is Ugly

- itís the excess water  that carries pollutants directly into storm drains which carry water out to sea. Runoff can contain such pollutants as motor oil, gasoline, soap from car washes, trash, cigarette butts, leaves and plants. Runoff also contains copper & zinc from car brake linings, pesticides, & fertilizers.

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