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La Jolla ocean quality

Keeping our oceans clean:

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These are my two boys
 and the reason I'm so
 passionate about water quality ...






Education in the schools:

Think Blue has been chosen to enforce a recent education bill, Heal the Bay, in public schools to improve education at an early age, which can execute change for the future of the ocean waterís quality.

This bill puts a mandate on environmental literacy to include educating students on their individual impact on the environment. The bill has been designed to minimize fiscal impacts to the state, while requiring school boards to incorporate environmental curriculum standards for elementary and secondary schools.

Baykeeper executes Water Monitoring, Kelp and Beach Cleanup programs with the help of San Diego City Schools, the City of San Diego, the Port District and other partners. The curriculum involves comprehensive water quality and pollution education and is referred to in local schools as Project SWELL.

The program works to inform growing students of the challenges facing the polluted water systems and encourages hands-on participation that gets shared among the community.

For Students:

Calpirg also works closely with schools to create education programs that have a lasting effect on the future generations of our city, county and earth.



Runoff is Ugly

- itís the excess water  that carries pollutants directly into storm drains which carry water out to sea. Runoff can contain such pollutants as motor oil, gasoline, soap from car washes, trash, cigarette butts, leaves and plants. Runoff also contains copper & zinc from car brake linings, pesticides, & fertilizers.

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